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“Sometimes called ‘the Proverbs of the New Testament,’ the book of James practically and faithfully reminds Christians how to live.  From perseverance to true faith to controlling one’s tongue, submitting to God’s will, and having patience, this book aids readers in living authentically and wisely for Christ. 

Many have claimed that James and the postmen Paul differed on the question of faith versus works, but in reality the spiritual fruit that James talks about simply demonstrates the true faith of which Paul wrote. Their writings are complimentary rather than contradictory.  

Possibly one of the earliest of the New Testiment writings (A.D. 40-50), the book is believed to have been written by Jesus’ brother, James (Gal 1:19).” 

Logos, ESV Bible  

Other Scripture Referenced:

Eph 4:11
Eph 5 
Heb 10:38 
Ps 121
Jude 24 

Welcome to Church

 Welcome to church
We pray that you experience Jesus in a new and challenging way today.

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For Mom's with hungry babies we have a room for you too!


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This is a great community of people who like new friends at whatever stage in life you find yourself.


If you don't have a bible when you come to church one of our ushers will help you.

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