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Paul emphasizes three things in our text today because he knows our sinful nature. 

 The Three recurring sins of the church are: 

  1. Legalism – Thinking if our good deeds outweigh our bad – if we make up for our sin on our own terms, we’ll be justified at judgement.
  2. Partiality – The thinking if we’re born a preacher’s kid for instance, know the right people, God will favor us.
  3. Lawlessness – Since Christ died for sins and we can’t be good, why keep trying?  He’ll forgive us if we can find time in our busy schedule to ask Him. 

Because of our sinful, backsliding nature, Paul must repeat himself and make God’s Word extremely clear. 

It brings up the importance of our minds being renewed daily in God’s Word.  If we’re not growing in God’s Word we wander from God’s Word.  We need to hear the preaching of God’s Word and renew our minds daily in His Word. 

Paul Addresses us as well as the Romans today, reminding us of Three Recurring Sins of the Church. 
Let’s avoid them. 

~ Pastor John 




Other Scripture Referenced: 


Romans 3:22 

Acts 10:9 

Acts 10:34 

Galatians 2:11 

Romans 7:7 

Matthew 5:7 

Ephesians 10 



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