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We continue our study of Romans.  In Chapter 5, Paul is focusing on the security of our salvation.  Now today, as we look at verses 12-21, we see he turns his attention to the next logical question:  Just how does this salvation of Christ work?  If He secures us safely forever, how?    So Paul takes us through the mechanics of how one man spread sin throughout his entire offspring: the human race and how one man spread righteousness to many who repent of their sin and receive Him as Lord and Savior.  Paul teaches us the mechanics of our salvation: what was broken & how it was fixed.  How does one act condemn us and one act on the cross secure my salvation and justify me before a holy God?  We will have to put on our thinking caps on today and ask the Holy Spirit to help us comprehend the complexity of Paul’s explanation.  It is comforting for us to know that our salvation is secure in Christ, and that there is an explanation for why Christ had to do what He did to save us. 

To God Be The Glory, 

Pastor John 


Other Scripture Referenced: 

Romans 5:1-5 

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 Welcome to church
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