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Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Today, in helping us understand our salvation Paul takes us to the end of our finite minds & warns us to stop.  We’ll see, we’re just like our father Adam who blames His sin on God’s sovereign choice. 

Paul speaks of God’s absolute right to have mercy on whomever He chooses.  We had nothing to do with our salvation but everything to do with condemnation.  “No one does good, all have sinned.”  (ROM 3) 

The objection then is this:  Romans 9:14 What shall we say then?  Is there injustice on God’s part?  By no means!  - He then summarizes in verse 18 … he has mercy on whomever he wills,  and he hardens whomever he wills. 

But his answer raises another objection:  “how can God be just by condemning those who cannot resist His will?”  Now Paul teaches us to tread carefully or we commit blasphemy.   We dare not accuse God of evil.  God is a Holy Potter, forming unholy clay into perfection.  All He does is good.  God never sins and never creates someone to go to hell.  We were born condemned in Adam and we all willingly sin, confirming our inherited condemnation.  Let us come before Him today remembering we are guilty apart from the blood of Christ.  Let us repent of our sins, confess them and so be cleansed.  Let us never blame the Savior who willingly took our guilt upon Himself and crucified it. 


Until We Are Glorified, 

Pastor John 


Other Scripture Referenced:

Danial 4:35 
Psalm 115:3 
Psalm 135:6 
James 1:13 
Job 38:1, 40:2, 40:8, 42:1 
Romans 11:33, 12:3 


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 Welcome to church
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