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Today we continue in Paul’s teaching to the Romans.  He is wanting to bring comfort to the believers and consequently to us here at the Rivers Edge.  He gives us more reasons to truly believe that we are eternally secure in Christ.  Because He justified us by our faith in Christ we have peace with God.  There could never be peace with God if we thought we could lose our salvation. 

If we pass the test of faith, we are justified, which is the first of three installments of righteousness; then we are sanctified, made righteous, more and more over time, when the Holy Spirit is poured into us, then upon our death and resurrection, we are glorified and made permanently righteous.   

Do you have faith?  Rest secure the in this faith, given to you by God’s grace, not by your own effort, that would give you a reason to boast.  (Ephesians 2:8)  Since God chose you to bear fruit, since He began this work in you, He will bring it to completion!  (John 15:16; Philippians 1:6) 

Rest my brother or sister, in the faith that has been given to you, the faith that brought you to church. 

You are internally secure in the one who never leaves us or forsakes us. 

Pastor John 


Other Scripture Referenced: 

Ephesians 2:8 
Ephesians 1:13 
Hebrews 11:33-36 

Welcome to Church

 Welcome to church
We pray that you experience Jesus in a new and challenging way today.

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