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Greetings Dear Church,

It is so good to be home on US soil!

This morning we are reminded that Paul is addressing the saints that gather in Rome (Romans 1:7).  The church is a gathering, it is as Paul puts it this morning, “the body of Christ”.

Remember, for 11 chapters, Paul taught us how to think about God.  Now he is teaching us how to worship according to his knowledge of God.  The practical application, how we live, occurs in the context of the body.  The church is a body, a living organism, with each member functioning with a special gift given to every true believer by the power of the Holy Spirit.  This is a gift never known to the new believer before Christ.  Only after being born of the Spirit does one receive their gift to serve one another in the gathering of the saints.  

This is the church.  Are you the church?  Do you sense God prompting you to use the gift you have been given to encourage others and bring Him glory?

May God bless you through the preaching of His Word today!


Pastor John


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