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Greetings Brothers & Sisters,

How safe do you feel in that chair right now?  Your faith rests in that seat.  You trust it’s integrity.  This is the same rest we find in the unchangeable Gospel.

Our faith rests I the power of God not on the opinion of man.  The power of God is the message of the Gospel.  What is the Gospel?  Christ crucified for our sins past, present & future.  This Gospel calls us to union in Christ.  We are bonded to His death to sin and His resurrection o eternal life.

Our faith is in Jesus.  He gives us eternal life, not temporary life; therefore we will NOT perish.  Affirm your faith today as you repent afresh of everything that is displeasing to your savior!

Rest in Christ; be confident in Christ.

I love you.    

Pastor John



Other Scripture Referenced,

Romans 8:1, 11:29, 1:16
Isaiah 55:11
2 Corinthians 12:9