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Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Today in our text, Paul continues to defend His authority as apostle.  He’s a fool by the world’s standards for Christ, and so slandered and marginalized by his enemies.  The one clear message to us all is to never join those who criticize the Stewards of God’s Word, Ps 105:15 warns “Touch not my anointed ones, do my prophets no harm!”

We live at a time when people compare pastors according to numbers of people, budgets, satellite churches, programs, the preaching or music, it’s worldly consumerism having little to do with what is Holy.

Today we’re given a theology of how we should regard the Servants of God, especially the apostles who spoke what become the New Testament, the very standard for church order and the Christian life. Pray as I preach a message that is uncomfortable for me to preach. I feel foolish preaching it. But, ever since I repented of my sins, I’ve surrendered my life to be a fool for Christ, I hope you will join me!

Until All With Ears To Hear Have Heard,

Pastor John