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Dear & Beloved,

Today in chapter 8 Paul responds to another question about eating food sacrificed to idols.

In verses 1-3 he reminds them that even though they know idols don't exist, they shouldn't be insensative to each other.  If we don't love your brother we don't know or love God.

In verses 4-8 He afirms the oneness of God.  There is no other God.  We exist as born again, Christians because of the one Savior Jesus Christ.

In verses 8-13 Paul deals with the weak consciences of newley converted Corinthians - superstious about the gods they worshipped all their lives.  They repented from that sin and Paul doesn't want the stronger, knowledgeable one causing them to stumble.  

Many good reminders as to how we fellowship with one another in the churh, the body of people Christ saved fro their sins!

-Pastor John


Other scripture referenced:

Romans 14:23