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Greetings Church Family

Paul’s been talking in Ch 8,9 about self-denial to protect the weak & win the lost. After explaining how wrong their rightness can be when they cause a weak one to stumble, now, in 1 Corinthians 10, he warns them not to sin in their self-confidence.

We need to heed this warning too. We tend to, in our self-confidence, take credit for our success and fail to give God, who granted that success, the glory He deserves.

Paul reminds us that God wasn’t pleased with of most of his elect - the Israelites.  They provoked His anger and in one instance, 23,000 fell, in another instance, they were destroyed by serpents and in another by -God himself. Paul tells us this happened for our example.  It should terrify us all - knowing we’re inclined to trust ourselves before we trust God and provoke His anger.

Today Paul reminds us of how over-confident and arrogantly idolatrous, the children of Israel were, right in God’s known presence! They would mistake His kindness and mercy for His being a push-over. His slowness to anger is misread by those who think God is love and never gets angry.

We need to feel secure in our salvation, but need to remove any self-confidence we may have. God will shake our self-confidence, through Paul, who even includes himself in this warning, then he encourages us by reminding us of God’s faithfulness.

-Pastor John


Other Scripture Referenced:

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